Matt Chapa

Stories from Lives Well Mom’ed

We all have a mother – but there our similarities end. Our experience of motherhood is dynamic and can run the gamut from warm to reactive. Join us for a reflective service on this observation of Mother’s Day with readings, music, and the sharing of Chalice Mothers’ stories of motherhood.

Voices from the Congregation – Wrestling with Integrity

Services at 9:15 & 11:00

Living with integrity on a daily basis can be a real challenge. Join us as we hear from members of our congregation, personal stories about wrestling with their own sense of integrity, as they have struggled to realize their own dreams of living. 

Why We Awe To…

This service will touch upon the diverse aspects of “nature” as it pertains to awe and its affect and effect on us (whether we were looking for it or not). This could occur simply looking at the stars on a crisp dark evening imagining the worlds beyond, watching a whale breach the surface, the chemistry of love developing with another, or contemplating what the nature of what, if anything, may lie beyond the curtains of this world for us.

This I Believe

Our “This I Believe” service is based off the international organization “This I Believe”, which engages people to write and share their core values that guide their daily lives. It has been a long tradition in our congregation. We’re excited to hear from 2 new members and 1 longtime member of our congregation as they share deeply what they value most in life. Join us for new insights in our midst.