Speaker: Matthew Chapa

Disenfranchisement – An American Tradition

Disenfranchisement is as American as apple pie. People have been disenfranchised for a variety of reasons, from race to religion, from gender to gender expression, from neurodivergence to disability. How can we rid our society of this one tradition that we would rather not pass down to our children?

Deja You?

A confluence of: expectations, routines, comfort, hubris and the like become our “winning formula” that could be holding us back from fulfillment & happiness.

The True Meaning of Independence

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Time flies by in the blink of an eye. We’ll explore how freedom and independence of thought creates, as a UU, a life designed with interdependence on independence.

ME vs US

Since manifest destiny our country has raised its people on being rugged individualists. What effect does that have on us and what effect is then created for our society? Anthony & Matt are the mad scientists creating this service about isolation and the power of camaraderie.