Michael Guinn

Helplessly Hoping

Throughout December we are exploring the theme of HOPE from different perspectives. What does it mean to hope in the midst of great challenges? How can new people or experiences in life bring us hope? What is the difference between faith, hope and optimism? How is hope reflected in Hanukkah, Christmas and the turning of the New Year? Join us for our varied services on hope, filled with beautiful music, joyful singing, meaningful rituals and words of inspiration.

Reaching Across the Aisle

Renewal. What does it mean to begin again? How do we overcome despair, disgust and detachment to find the strength and courage to try again? Civil discourse may be the key. In today’s highly charged, social media driven, exaggeratedly partisan world, how do we renew dialogue and our rhetoric to connect with those outside of our echo chambers? Michael Guinn explores how we might renew our effort to reach across the aisle and renew real dialogue with our different thinking friends and family.

PKs, UUs and Evangelism!

After growing up the son of 2 Presbyterian ministers, Michael Guinn swore he’d never step foot in another church. Until he discovered Unitarian Universalism, that is. Now he’s an ardent UU evangelist, and travels as an itinerant speaker and singer to UU congregations throughout Southern California. And he’s also of course married to a minister – our own Rev Nica. Join us to hear Michael’s thoughts about the importance of sharing our faith.