Speaker: Shane Niebergall

Journaling to Find Your Center – An Interactive Service

Join us this week for an interactive service led by our very own journaling facilitator, Barbara Jimerson. Discover the power of journaling to explore the depths of your inner world. What personal insights can you uncover through the simple, yet profound act of writing? Engage in journaling exercises, guided by Barbara, that will lead you on a journey of self-reflection, uncovering thoughts and emotions while deepening your understanding of love.

The Secret to a Long Life

We have an abundance of time, if we are intentional about how we spend it. Let’s explore how to ensure our lives are filled with meaningful moments, and avoid wasting one of our most precious resources: time.

Finding Balance in a Binary World

Not everything is on/off, yes/no, 0/1. From the perspective of a computer scientist that perceives the world in binary, let’s explore resisting the norm of fitting things into boxes and instead looking at everything on a spectrum.

Passion Fatigue: There’s No Such Thing as a Ginsu Spirit

Is there danger in an overabundance of passion? Does too much passion actually degrade our ability to continue giving, acting, and even caring effectively over time? Most importantly, how might we overcome burnout to do the work that needs to be done? Let us worship together, summoning the sacred and the spiritual in an honest examination of the very real states of burnout and passion fatigue.

How to Thank the Earth

Sunday Service at 10 AM
Let’s celebrate Earth Day by giving back to our earth, who gives so much to us. Learn about why taking care of our planet is so important, and leave with practical ideas on how you can give back to our home spaceship
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