The Stability Fund is our Future

At Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, we nurture spiritually courageous people who transform the world through justice and compassion. Money coming in from Legacy Gifts will go into The Stability Fund (TSF). Your planned gift to build The Stability Fund can continue to support our mission long beyond your lifetime. The Stability Fund is our future, allowing the congregation in years to come to expand programs, maintain our physical infrastructure, and buffer our budget from sudden shifts in the economy.

Towards Financial Stability

The financial picture of CVUUF boasts a strong Statement of Financial Position thanks to owning Fellowship Hall. Yet our annual operating budget frequently strains to balance income and expense. When we spend more than we have we tap into savings from prior years, money that is available because of prior capital campaigns.

Many non-profits, and churches in particular, maintain longer term financial stability through an Endowment. An Endowment can provide stability through income on the invested assets and be a source of capital funds in times of particular need. CVUUF is establishing The Stability Fund tol serve many functions of an endowment without the legal incorporation, governance requirements, or separate financial accounting requirements of a formal endowment.

What is The Stability Fund?

The Stability Fund (TSF) is cash and investments specified in the balance sheet under the TSF designation. Investment income on the fund is also considered part of TSF. Money coming in from Legacy Gifts not otherwise directed will go into TSF. The Board may not remove the TSF designation for assets so specified.

TSF will be governed by board policies to restrict spending to conform to four allowed uses.

  1. Financing for capital items such reducing long term debt or purchasing a new building.
  2. Funding source for unanticipated significant operating or capital expenditures.
  3. Organizational financial stabilizer.
  4. Predictable source of operating income.

As we look towards long term financial sustainability, the Stability Fund will play a key part in donors’ confidence in the stewardship of their contributions.

Over Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s more than 55 year history, we’ve managed during big swings in membership and finances. Thanks to capital campaigns and a grant from the UUA, we purchased Fellowship Hall in 2008. An additional limited capital campaign in 2013 has continued to provide stability.

Now, we take the next step to sustain our Fellowship as we deliver on our mission to nurture spiritually courageous people who transform the world through justice and compassion.