Thank you healthcare workers!

Thank you to all healthcare workers. No one expected the pandemic to last this long and no one had an idea the amount of tragedy the world would experience due to COVID-19. Over the last year we’ve been able to recognize the true heroes, our healthcare workers. Day in and day out they show up and save as many lives as they can. And on the bad days, they still push through and give it all they have. When I first started working at Chalice last year I didn’t know much about Unitarian Universalism but from what I read it was a group of people who just wanted to do as much good for the world as possible, and I wanted to be a part of that. 

Last Saturday, Feb. 13th I was able to be a part of something that touched so many hearts. Chalice RE director Sam Dickerson and other members of Chalice arranged a special community project to, as she put it  “show love to those who show so much love to us.” Members and friends created many beautiful Valentine’s signs to be placed at the entrance of six local hospitals for our healthcare workers to see. The Ventura County Star got wind of this and wanted to send a photographer out to put this in the local paper. We made it to the Sunday edition, you can view that article here

I was able to join Susan Dixon, a member of Chalice, at Adventist Health Simi Valley hospital to place the signs. We met with the photographer, JuanCarlo and Cory Ferrier, the Business Development Director of the hospital and he expressed his gratitude on behalf of the staff at the hospital. He said it brings a smile to their faces knowing others are grateful for the work they do. Some healthcare workers walked around the building multiple times to reread the signs. It’s like a bright light in a dim world. Little did we know that one of our own members was being treated in that hospital the same weekend. 

These signs were so beautiful, colorful and from the heart. I was so amazed by the beauty of the signs I drove over to a few of the other hospitals the Valentines were placed at in Camarillo and Oxnard to view them and take photographs. As I was there I ran into a few healthcare workers who were admiring the signs. I mentioned I worked for the church that created them and they were so happy. They told me to share a “BIG THANK YOU” from the nurses. I drove away with a heart full of joy and love, knowing that I am a part of something bigger than myself. We all are. No matter how small the gesture, every act of kindness goes a long way. Thank you healthcare workers. So in conclusion I leave you with this anonymous quote, “If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.”

-Contributed by Chavonne Estrella

February 17, 2021

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