Chalice in Bluum – Chalk Fest 2021

What a beautiful day! Our first Chalk Art Fest couldn’t have happened on a more perfect Saturday. It’s been a long year, and many of us try to find those little moments to connect. This day was filled with moments. As much as I loved seeing everyone showcase their talent (and we have some talented people in the ranks), what I really loved was watching people be together. Chatting, laughing, catching up, meeting someone new… If it wasn’t for the masks and six foot distance, you’d think the pandemic was truly a thing of the past. I think that’s what made me happiest, offering a chance for people to be around one another.
Not to mention, art is therapy, straight up! To channel your energy into something positive is such a mood booster. You can’t go wrong by using your creativity to share something good in this world. Even if you are not the artist, but an admirer like I got to be, you still see reasons to smile. Every single piece made me smile. Watching people of all ages get covered in chalk dust as they brought their vision to life was a hoot. Knowing everyone who joined in the fun did this to share some love and light with our congregation just gives me the feels. As an added bonus, we got to be out in the fresh air getting a good ol’ boost of Vitamin D.
I hope everyone enjoyed the Chalk Art Fest as much as I did. Planning this event was a blast! Looking forward to seeing even more of you at the next event…
With love from your DRE,

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