COVID-19 Update March 2021


Dear Chalice Members and Friends,

The Board and I met Tuesday night to assess our plans regarding reopening Chalice. We promised you an update every quarter. After a year of not being together, we know how eager many of us are to see one another and be together. But we also want to be able to do so safely and mindfully, taking in consideration all the latest information. In light of the current improvement in COVID-19 numbers, the vaccine becoming more widely available and our county going into the red tier, we are starting to put together plans regarding reopening our buildings for in-person gatherings sometime later this year. The UUA still recommends definitive closure and online gathering through at least May 2021. The UUA recommendations, together with several sample policies, can be found at this link:

Our Board is continuously monitoring the situation both locally and nationally and is appointing a “Reopening Task Force” to look at all the circumstances and do research on timing, safety and protocols for us. We wish to reopen our Sanctuary safely for all who wish to be there. 

We are also undertaking a Sanctuary technology update in order to be able to conduct worship effectively for people in person, as well as by Zoom. This requires a completely new approach and different technology than we had before, and may take some time to get functional. So thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, we continue to offer vibrant and sustaining online worship services and groups for adults and youth to meet your spiritual, emotional and justice needs. Please join us at some of our activities, so you may nurture your spirit, heart and mind and stay connected to your Chalice friends. You can find out more about what activities are available on our website at this link: Chalice Activities.

Please also join us for our special Easter Service on Sunday, April 4, with an Easter Drive-Through celebration at Chalice after the service and a Chalk Art Festival the day before. See your News & Notes for more details. 

Meanwhile, should you have pastoral care needs or are financially stressed, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or our Pastoral Care Team ( We are here for you.

Wishing you hope, love and good health,

Reverend Nica

Minister, Chalice UU Fellowship

and the Chalice Board of Trustees

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