Speaker: Thelma Williams

Exploring Chalice’s Past, Present and Future

Chalice, like many times in its past, is at the threshold of a new future. We are considering moving to a new location with more space to grow, outside space and better visibility. A potential move can be exciting for some while bringing up anxiety and fears around change for others. Join us today to learn more about how Chalice has managed transitions in the past, and is envisioning an engaging, relevant religious community for the future.

Honoring Our Ancestors

Honoring our Ancestors – Sam Dickerson, Merlin Snider & Thelma Williams

“Our ancestors speak through us in whispers of strength.” ~ Anonymous. Day of the Dead and All Soul’s Day is a time to honor our ancestors, celebrating them through stories and song. Sam Dickerson, Merlin Snider and Thelma Williams, together with our young TrUUbadors, will lead this intergenerational service. We invite you to bring photos of your relatives and friends who are no longer with us, both from this community and your families, to place on our community altar of remembrance. Let us pull from their love and strength so that we may heal what troubles us, and move toward a more joyous future for all generations.