Update on Chalice Reopening

Beloved Members and Friends of Chalice,

The Reopening Task Force, the Chalice Board, and Reverend Nica continue to monitor local, statewide, and denominational Covid numbers and issues. Ventura County is still in the High Transmission category, although numbers are beginning to improve. We know many of us would love to go back to in-person worship, but the time is not quite right yet, since safety is still our priority. Also, we are still fine tuning the technology for our new multi-platform services. We want to provide an excellent Sunday service experience simultaneously for people in-person as well as those at-home, and we are not quite ready for that yet.

We do want you all to know we hear you, on all sides and comfort levels concerning Covid. As numbers improve, we’re hoping to offer a phased reopening. In the not too distant future, we will invite small groups of vaccinated folks to join us at Sunday worship in the sanctuary, perhaps through a lottery system. We will likely cap each week’s attendees at 20 and require masks. By starting small like this, we can maintain more than adequate social-distancing, while we wait for the area’s numbers to fall even further. We will continue to keep you informed.

Meanwhile, everyone, please, stay safe.

In faith,

The Reopening Task Force & Reverend Nica

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