6 row chair setup

The one currently (March 2017) in use is a minor variation on the 6 row setup that is in the diagram.

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This gives us the most seating possible to allow for our growing numbers. The main difference from the diagram is that if the choir is singing, the choir chairs are being used in a corner arrangement, which eliminates the first row on the left side and reduces the second row to 4 chairs.

There are sharpie marks on the floor for the 5 row (black) and 6 row (orange). The marks define the isles, and the rear legs of the chairs should be lined next to the marks. The chairs should have an arc to them which should put the center about a foot back from the ends. The spacing between the rows is 3′ 4″. The first row should be 5′ 6″ from the stage (1 foot further back than the diagram to allow for the steps) at the ends and 6′ 6″ in the middle. Make certain the number of chairs in the center section is exactly as indicated in the diagram and that the all isles are a minimum of 3′ 4″ (40″). Extra chairs can be used on the side sections, but it is advisable to leave an isle-way to allow people to exit and enter from both ends.

5 row chair setup

For less seating and a more spacious feel, the 5 row setup can be used as indicated in the diagram.