The board of trustees has created an image policy, current as of 2015:

It states that although people are always allowed to take their own photos of their family, people are NOT generally permitted to take photos of others at CVUUF events, in order to preserve their privacy. Only designated photographers with prior permission from the communications director (currently Jake Holland) are allowed to take pictures.


Jake has decided that he categorically grants prior permission to anyone who follows the Photographer’s Covenant. The cliff notes version is here (with thanks to Michael Pittas):
I understand that taking photos at the fellowship or fellowship events is a privilege, and I will be guided by these principles:

  • I’ll try not to bother people
  • I’ll stop taking photos if asked
  • I’ll do my best to let people know when I’m planning to post their photo online.
  • If they are posted online, I’ll take them down if asked.


After taking pictures, they should be sent to photos@chaliceuu.org (or if you’re on the photo committee and receiving those pictures, uploaded to our flickr account, CVUUFPics, with “Private” set).

Photo committee members will regularly review the photos and check the permissions against the consent forms we have. Anybody in a picture we don’t have a form for should be asked for one before posting the picture. Posed group photos are an exception, we don’t need consent forms as long as somebody announced at the time that it was going online.

The consent form is here:
Media Release Form

Eventually we hope to put an entry in the database, but for now there’s a spreadsheet we’re using to keep track of permissions here (you’ll need to be invited to view it):
Permissions spreadsheet

For members and friends you know, it’s OK to update the spreadsheet and get permission with a verbal conversation, you don’t need a form. But for visiting speakers or anyone you don’t know, please use the form if possible, just to avoid misunderstandings.