A “How To” page is intended to describe a process, procedure or role within CVUUF.  These pages are listed on the ‘Learning’->’How To…’->’How To Details’ page.  They are not directly reachable from the ‘Learning’->’How To…’ page.

To create a new ‘How To’ page:

  1. Login to /admin
  2. Add a new page:
    • Title: How to …  or How to serve as …
    • Content: Describe the process, procedure or role
    • Give the page a parent under Page Attributes in the right panel.  The parent should be one of the subpages under ‘How To Details” (e.g. Kitchen How Tos, Sanctuary How Tos, Communications How Tos, Operations How Tos, Worship Service Volunteers How Tos, etc.) . If a new subpage is needed, it should be created (with some boilerplate overview) as a child of ‘How To Details’.
    • Publish the page.

It should now be listed in the left menu on the ‘How To Details’ page.