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    Chalice Family Update

    December 7, 2023

    In the month of December, the Gift of Our Faith is Mystery

    The Latke Who Wouldn’t Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story

    – Holiday Pageant

    Sunday morning at 10am

    With Rev. Nica Eaton and Sam Dickerson

    What happens when a latke is told to be who they’re not? A lot of fun shenanigans! Join us during our annual holiday pageant with the telling of The Latke Who Wouldn’t Stop Screaming: A Christmas Story. We’ll also acknowledge the many wonderful holidays of this winter season. As a special treat, latkes will be served in Fellowship Hall after the service.

    Zoom ID: 209 555 249      Passcode: 2020

    Livestream on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ChaliceUUF

    Families welcome! The Joy Corner is open!
    This is an all ages service!

    December 10–

    There is no RE being held this Sunday. Instead, we are holding an all ages service, followed by Families Care. Latkes will also be served in Fellowship Hall.

    You can always see what’s happening in the coming weeks by picking up an RE events calendar in the foyer of our Sanctuary.

    Each week we will offer book suggestions for all ages, books that celebrate diverse identities, resist stereotypes, and uplift social justice. Whether you choose to purchase the books, borrow them from a friend, or check them out from your local library, we hope you enjoy these stories featuring characters from a wide range of communities.

    *Credit given to RebekahGienapp.com for most suggestions

    The Blur by Minh Lê (ages 3-7)

    I Have the Right to Be a Child by Alain Serres (ages 5-9)

    The Girl Who Stole an Elephant by Nizrana Farook (ages 8-12)

    Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (YA)

    Dear Chalice friends, we are planning to hold Families Care this Sunday, Dec. 10. However, we are in great need of donations! Please look through the list below and see if there is anything you are able to bring for our care kits. Keep in mind that travel size items are preferred, with the goal of building a minimum of 2 dozen kits. This time of year, our unhoused community members are in need of so much. Any little bit helps! Please bring any donations to the Families Care table in the courtyard Sunday morning before service. Thank you!



    OWL Registration is now open through Dec. 15

    Click on the link below to register your child(ren) or find a form on the Religious Exploration board in Fellowship Hall.

    OWL Registration Form

    For more information, email the OWL team at OWL@chaliceuu.org.

    Winter Camps at de Benneville Pines

    12/1-12/3   Life Drawing Winter Art Camp for Adults

    12/27-1/1   UU Senior High Winter Camp

    2/16-2/19   Elementary Family Winter Retreat

    For more information and to register:  https://www.uucamp.org/camp-calendar/

    When Is Hanukkah 2023? Start and End Dates - Parade

    Hanukkah begins Dec. 7!

    This year, Hanukkah begins Dec. 7 and ends Dec. 14. In this celebration of freedom and miracles, the Jewish community honors this tradition with food, games, music, gifts, and the lighting of the menorah.

    During the Festival of lights, we wish our Jewish family and friends a joyous holiday!

    BODHI DAY - December 8, 2023 - National Today

    Bodhi Day is Dec. 8

    On this day each year, our Buddhist friends and family honor the Buddha and his attaining enlightenment. For 49 days, Buddha sat beneath a Bodhi Tree and meditated. Today, many Buddhists will light candles, decorate Bodhi Trees with lights, and eat a modest breakfast of rice and milk.

    To all who celebrate this day, may you be blessed with peace and joy!

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    Our mission: Religious Exploration empowers children and youth and supports families with tools to create a world of justice and compassion.

  • Summer Youth Programs begin Sunday June 19th!
    We have a delightful slate of R.E. Programs for youth to engage in: Magic Summer for Elementary youth, Doh! God for the middle school youth and The 5th Dimension for YRUU (high school) youth. Starting Sunday June 19th after service (11:30 am) in our RE Rooms upstairs in Fellowship Hall. Watch the video to learn more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORy29JFK7_4
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