Our  Children’s  Programs, offered Sunday mornings:

  • is for children from pre-K through 8th grade
  • meets Sundays currently meets at 11:30 following our service and lasts approximately 45 minutes
  • Starting September 17th our programming will begin at approximately 10:30
  • All families begin in the Sanctuary to participate in Worship at 10 am and we sing our children out at around 10:30 am when they will be led to their various RE Spaces.
  • RE Spaces are divided into various learning modalities that allow children to participate in ways that feed their spirits. These include an Innovations room for people with tactile hands on needs (How does our faith move you?); the Serenity Room for a calmer quieter space (How does our faith soothe you?); the Reflections room for those seeking discussion and healthy debate (How does our faith speak to you?). Children are free to choose a different room each week or stay in their favorite room, whatever meets their needs that day.
  • RE Volunteers are members of Chalice
  • We follow Chalice, UUA and California State guidelines to ensure the safety of Children, their families and the volunteers