• The Tie Dye Party!!!

    What. A. Day.

    We donned our aprons and gloves. We used more rubber bands than I dare to count. And we saturated every blank canvas we had with color, color, and more color. It was beautiful!

    In case you missed it, on May 15, Chalice RE hosted yet another fabulous event—the Tie Dye Party! We gathered at Chalice in small groups throughout the afternoon and made the most fun mess a group of people can make. I love these all-ages events. Everyone is there for a common goal, having fun with the community we love. Children, teens, and adults. New members, seasoned members, and friends. One new member mentioned it was her first time even stepping foot on our Chalice campus. What an introduction! Remember the family we were introduced to on Easter through Friends of Fieldworkers? Yup, we invited them along too. Some members shared memories of tie dying as children or at Camp de Benneville Pines. People from all corners of Chalice were brought together for the purpose of having messy fun, and it was a blast.

    The shirts, skirts, and towels are being rinsed and washed. They are gorgeous! People are excited to show off their pieces, as they should be! (By the way, if you joined us at our event, be sure to share photos of your items on our social media sites. Don’t forget to tag Chalice!) The dye has been mostly faded and washed from our hands and arms. This was a memory we made, together.

    Our tie dye guru, Sharon Damerell, says this is her ministry, to make the world more colorful. I get it! How do you not smile when you are surrounded by swirls of color?

    A big shout out to the volunteers who joined us–Sharon, Ben, May, Dana, Sioe, and Lizette. This would not have worked without you. My deep gratitude to you all!

    I hope to see more of you when we do this again. Until then, please join us at our Garden Gala on June 19. It will be an opportunity to pepper the world with color, only this time we will do it with plants! Registration is coming soon, so get ready.

    With tie dyed love,

    Sam Dickerson

    Director of Religious Education

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